"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served,
but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."
Mark 10:45 (NIV)


When we serve we become more like Jesus. To help grow and develop we want to make sure there are opportunities like Grow Teams for you to serve on. To find out where you best fit, attend the third class of the monthly Growth Track series, DISCOVERY 301.

1st Impression Teams:

Parking: A.J. Scales - scalesfamily1@hotmail.com

Greeters: Gina Falcon - ginag303@aol.com

Prep Team: Don McLemore - damackeys@sbcglobal.net

Kids Check-in: Monique Baker - moniquebaker8@yahoo.com

Information Center: Katie Hunt - kt.hunt@hotmail.com

Coffee Team: Slade Hunt - sladehunt@msn.com

Safety: Kelly Gerlach - mrs.kgerlach@yahoo.com

Ushers: Danny Squires - dsquires9165@gmail.com

Service Production Teams:

Worship: Kim Faulkner - kimfaulk@sbcglobal.net

Communion: Paul Guidry - pdaguidry@exp.net

Tech Production: Chelsea McLemore - chelseamclemore@gmail.com

Prayer Team: Liz Brown - lizbrown1999@gmail.com

First Responders: Peggy Larson - plarson_bpf@yahoo.com

Safety: Kelly Gerlach - mrs.kgerlach@yahoo.com

Student Teams:

Youth: Ryan Holland - ryanscottholland@gmail.com

Nursery: Rochelle Briggs - r_flowers971@yahoo.com

Children: Carrie Prouse - carrie.prouse@gmail.com

Pre-School: Maddison Marchand - maddison6920@gmail.com

Special Needs: Carrie Prouse - carrie.prouse@gmail.com

Growth Track/Other Teams:

Hospitality: Carrie Richard - mrsrichard3@gmail.com

Growth Track Greeters: Cheryl Squires - cherylsquires12@gmail.com

Small Groups: Carrie Hunt - carriehunt@bridgepointfellowship.com

Events: Monique Baker - moniquebaker8@yahoo.com

Office Volunteers: Gina Falcon - ginag303@aol.com

Grounds: Don McLemore - damackeys@sbcglobal.net