The quickest way to give is by text message.

1. Simply text BPF to 444999.
2. You will receive a text back from your personalized giving number.
3. Save that number in your phone for future giving.
4. Text Give to your personalized giving number and follow the remaining prompts.

It truly is that simple!!!

Once you have gone through the initial setup above you can begin using the following shortcuts for even faster giving. Simply text the shortcut and the dollar amount (i.e. TITHE 100) in order to give straight to that particular cause. The following is a list of the current shortcuts available:

Shortcut           Cause
TITHE           Tithe
MISSIONS           Missions Fund
CARRYTHELIGHT           Carry the Light Ministries
BUILDING           Building Fund
DREAMCENTER           Dream Center Fund
JEWS           Jerusalem Institute

Other Tips:
Text "update card" to receive instructions on updating the card tied to your txt2give account

Text "Help" to receive additional instructions on how to use txt2give